Team Biscuit is on the move

Yes, I have been neglecting this blog.

Part of it is the busy-ness of life. Part of it is my general malaise and ill feelings toward the state of our nation that makes me want to hide under a blanket. I won't bitch about that fool in the White House here but I know I'm not alone in feeling less than creative these days.

Anyway, we have some news. WE'RE MOVING TO SOUTH CAROLINA.

The super condensed version is that Andy and I have decided to slow things down A LOT. We want to save some money, forget about winter, sip sweet tea and mint juleps on the porch, work less and live more. I've left the NY Daily News and focusing on a lucrative freelance project for a few months. After that, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This conversation started in February and it's all been happening really quickly.

We've chosen a development and picked a wooded nearly-one-acre lot on which to build a brand-new house. It's on a little cul-de-sac even. There will probably also be a pool in the back when we're done. Construction only just started and we won't be ready to move in until the end of the year or early 2019. Before that, we're moving into a rental down there in August so The Biscuit can start school with everyone else.

I know what you're thinking. Whaaaaa?! Yeah, it was kind of a surprise to us that suburban life was even slightly appealing. I mean, we're hardcore city people, right?

Well, if we were 10 years younger and childless, there's no way I would leave Manhattan. It is the only place my heart has ever called home. Andy's enthusiasm for the city has never been as high as mine and his time here hasn't been fun. I won't stay if he's not happy here.

City living, while wonderful in a lot of ways, comes at a price. The cost of living is extremely high and the pace is relentless. We work hard to live well here, which means we work a lot. There is always something fun to do here but we are often too tired to take advantage of much of it. Parker is a fantastic city kid but has been wishing for a yard of her own. Central Park has been our yard but we do have to share it with the world.

This change is major and bittersweet. But it is the best thing for us right now. The house will be big enough for visitors so we'll let you know when we're ready to receive guests.

I'll be posting about our progress here.



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